The Wave… of American Flavors (breakfast)

Breakfast at “The Wave… of American Flavors” inside The Contemporary was incredible. This may be my new favorite restaurant for breakfast.

I had not noted any special dietary requests on our reservation. When we were seated, we asked if there were vegan menus. They only have a vegetarian one, but many of the options are veganizable. We were there for breakfast, and they don’t have a printed breakfast vegan (or vegetarian) menu, they only have this one (which is for dinner, I assume). But I was happy to get to see all their options for lunch/dinner.


The fantastic Chef Laura came out almost immediately after we were seated and she discussed our breakfast options. She mentioned pancakes, waffles, tofu scramble, and informed us they have vegan breads if we’d like toast, and soy milk if we’d like that for coffee. What more could we ask for?!

I recalled that The Wave is known for their Sweet Potato Pancakes, so I asked if they were able to be made vegan. She said they were veganizable, if they have some sweet potato puree in the kitchen that has not been mixed into the non-vegan batter. She offered to find out. When she returned, she said we were in luck; she caught them before they mixed the last of the sweet potatoes in to the non-vegan batter. So, we ordered a plate of veganized pancakes for the table. I’m so glad we did because they were the best pancakes I’ve ever had. They were tender and moist and delicious, and did I mention the best ever?

Veganized Sweet Potato Pancakes:


The berry compote is vegan, and they brought out Earth Balance as well. Delicious pancakes with all the trimmings?! Yes, please!

As we were leaving, I did a little detective work to find out how I (and you, dear readers) could ensure that we can get these beauties and not just leave it up to chance. The best answer I got was this: First thing in the morning, on the morning of your reservation, call the main Contemporary hotel line (407-824-1000), ask to be transferred to The Wave, and once they answer at The Wave, let the person on the phone know that you would like to speak to a manager to make a special dietary request for your reservation. You should be able to let the manager know that you’d like some dairy- and egg-free sweet potato pancakes, and ask them if it’s possible that they keep some sweet potatoes unmixed so that you can. I’m going to try this next time we make a breakfast reservation for The Wave (and believe me, we will!) because those pancakes were incredible!

Tofu Scrambles with Spinach, Mushrooms, Pico de Gallo, and Breakfast Potatoes:


In addition to the pancakes for the table, my mom and I both ordered tofu scrambles. The chef said she usually seasons with a spice mix and a little cumin, and tops it with the pico de gallo. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it because I don’t care for cumin, and was not wanting a Tex-Mex tofu scramble; however, it wasn’t overpoweringly spiced at all. It was a very tasty tofu scramble. We requested spinach and mushrooms (but they have many other/additional vegetables there to choose from). And we asked for breakfast potatoes as our sides.

Vegetable Curry Stew with Potatoes (instead of rice):


My partner isn’t crazy about breakfast foods, so he asked if he could order something off that vegetarian lunch/dinner menu. The very nice chef said that he could order most things, but a few things weren’t ready yet that morning. He asked if he could have the Curry Vegetable Stew, and she said he could, but the rice that’s normally served with it wasn’t cooked yet, but she’d give him breakfast potatoes instead. He loves potatoes, so he didn’t mind one bit.

Here’s another picture after it was stirred, showing more of the veggies:


I tried his Curry Stew and was really impressed. I was a little concerned from the description that it’d be too sweet or just weird because of the squash and apples. But it wasn’t. It tasted like a normal, delicious, somewhat Thai-inspired curry (vs. Indian-inspired curry). And it was not spicy at all, which is great to me. I’m not crazy about squash, but it was wonderful in the curry sauce. We may be back again for lunch or dinner for that curry!

Overall, I don’t think we could have asked for a better breakfast experience. The Wave is very accommodating, and we all enjoyed our food immensely. Highly recommended for a vegan breakfast (and our small sampling of the lunch/dinner fare was great too)!



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