Antojitos – City Walk – Universal

For Universal-goers: Antojitos is pretty vegan-friendly! Especially considering how limited options are at Universal, I think it’s definitely a keeper.

We were a little surprised by the atmosphere at first. With the prices I’d seen on the menu online, I was expecting a more upscale place. However, it is City Walk, so it was a very bar-like atmosphere. It was incredibly loud and bright when we entered. And it got even louder when the live band came out (they play a couple songs, then go off stage for 30 mins or so, then back out for a couple songs). So, go expecting a nightlife type atmosphere. Once we adjusted, we quite enjoyed it.

We got lucky with a fabulous server (Abraham), and he was able to answer all our ingredient questions (and checked with the kitchen on a few things to verify). The “house rice” (seasoned rice) is cooked in chicken stock. However, the plain rice is not. The beans are not cooked in animal products, and the enchilada sauce is animal-free as well. The two vegetarian entrees (Enchiladas Vegetarianas and Fire Roasted Vegetable Fajitas) are easily veganized by leaving off the dairy items (cheese, sour cream) and substituting the side of house rice that comes with the Enchiladas.

The chips and salsa were fabulous and vegan as-is as usual. The chips came out looking a bit greasy (they must actually fry them there); however, they did not taste greasy. We may have eaten a few baskets of them.

anto chipsChips and salsa

They have a Guacamole appetizer that they prepare at your table. It is pricey, but it is the best guacamole I’ve ever had at a restaurant. It’s a slightly bigger portion than you’d usually get as well. You can’t get any fresher than avocados mashed at your table.

anto guacGuacamole!

anto bowl sizeGuac bowl next to smaller salsa bowl for size comparison

We tried the Enchiladas Vegetarianas and Fire Roasted Vegetable Fajitas, both modified to be vegan. They were both excellent. The enchiladas tasted great, but the sauce was quite spicy to me (my friend who likes spicy food, however, thought they were great). I think the cheese and sour cream usually temper it, so without the dairy, it was quite hot. If you like spicy food, then they’re great; however, if you stay away from spicy food, I recommend the fajitas instead. The vegetables in the fajitas had an incredible fire-roasted taste, and the marinade on them was delicious. I don’t usually like fajitas, but these were very flavorful and tasty.

anto enchiladasEnchiladas Vegetarianas (no dairy, sub house rice for something else)

anto fajitasFire Roasted Vegetable Fajitas (order with no cheese or sour cream)

It’s a bit pricey and loud (but what isn’t at City Walk?); however, the food was tasty, hearty, and plentiful. Definitely a good vegan option at Universal.


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