Kona Cafe – Lunch

Lunch at Kona Cafe was okay.
Pros: It was very filling and fairly healthy.
Cons: Flavor. The entree was very dry and bland flavor-wise. Just spicy with no flavor and no detectable sauce.


We got the Pan-Asian Noodles with Tofu, modified with rice noodles to be vegan, because we were told the regular soba noodles contain egg. I’ve since read from another diner that the soba noodles don’t contain egg; it’s just a “may contain” warning on the bag due to shared equipment. So that would be worth verifying if you visit Kona Cafe because the dish may be better with the soba noodles, but our portions still had hardly any sauce and no flavor.


I had to ask for soy sauce to add to it, which didn’t really help (you can’t add too much soy sauce, or it’d get too salty, so it was still pretty sauce-less and bland). No one in my party (4 of us) found it to be spectacular. I’ve certainly had better meals, especially at Disney. However, I have read some good reviews of this dish online, so maybe we were there on a bad day.


I also got the Kona Salad (no cheese). It was good, but it could have used another ingredient or two, especially without the cheese. The fruit in it was Asian pears, which I didn’t personally care for (but my partner liked them). The salad was light, crisp, and fresh, and the dressing was very tasty.

My favorite part of the meal was the POG juice. Too bad there aren’t refills!

Kona is in a very convenient location to the Magic Kingdom. Plus, there’s the Dole Whip Lanai nearby for dessert! The restaurant is pretty, and the Polynesian has always been one of my favorite hotels. But the one vegan entree could use some improvement.


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