The Wave… of American Flavors (Lunch)

After having such fantastic breakfast experiences at The Wave, and seeing their pretty extensive vegetarian menu (that’s very vegan-friendly), we decided to check them out for lunch too!


The Curry Vegetable Stew is vegan as-is. The Vegetarian Burger is vegan, and they have vegan buns. The Multigrain Vegetarian Pasta is usually sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, but as long as you tell them you’re vegan and/or ask for no cheese, it can be vegan. The salads should be able to be easily modified. There’s also a Soft Flour Tortilla with Fajita-seasoned Tofu on the regular menu that’s vegan if you nix the pepper jack cheese.

I’d like to point out that this is another example of a restaurant where I did not mark anything on our reservation about “allergies” or “special requests,” and we still ended up with fantastic meals. When we arrived, I asked for the vegetarian menus at the hostess stand. After we were seated, I told our server that 3/4 of us were vegan.

The server was able to answer most our questions, but he brought the chef out to verify some of our special requests. The chef was very friendly and willing to accommodate.

I love this curry. I’d call it a Thai-inspired curry (versus and Indian-inspired curry). It sounds like it’d be weird with apples and butternut squash, but it’s not–they’re so good in the curry sauce!  And I don’t even usually like butternut squash! This is such a creative,  delicious, well-executed dish. Good job, Disney!

Curry Vegetable Stew with multigrain rice:


I loved the Soft Flour Tortilla (with Fajita-seasoned Tofu) as well. It’s a smaller portion than the curry (and a couple dollars less expensive), but it’s still a fair lunch portion, in my opinion. It was really delicious. Not overly hot, just super flavorful. I think I’d get it instead of the curry next time so I can have more than just a few bites (even though the curry is fantastic!). This is another well-conceived, well-executed dish.

Tofu wrap with crispy potatoes on the side:



Our non-vegan friend special ordered Multigrain Penne with the “tomato fennel broth” and no veggies. I got to taste it before he dumped the cheese all over it. :p I wasn’t sure from the description if the sauce would be thick or thin (broth?), but it was the consistency of a normal pasta sauce. It was a nice dish, and probably great for a pasta lover who’s not into really exotic flavors. But I much preferred the Curry or Tortilla with Tofu. It was a very good portion of pasta, and very filling. He, who is indeed a pasta lover, enjoyed it and was stuffed.

The Wave… of American Flavors is definitely one of the most vegan-friendly restaurants at Disney!




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