Trail’s End – Lunch

Lunch at Trail’s End was a good meal and a good value.

When we arrived, we told the hostess that we were looking for vegan meals. We didn’t even have a reservation and certainly didn’t notify them in advance that “vegans are coming.” I think this goes to show that almost every Disney table service restaurant is equipped with enough ingredients to make a complete vegan meal even without any notice (so happy to see tofu at many places now! Vegans need a protein too!).

After we were seated, our server brought the friendly chef out, who discussed with us what he could do. He informed us that nothing on the menu is vegan; even the vegetarian flatbread’s flatbread contains dairy. However, he was happy to make us something off-menu. One option was pasta with tomato sauce, but we decided on veggies and tofu.

trails end lunch tofu veg 2

The Chef made us some lovely plates of grilled veggies and seasoned tofu.

trails end lunch tofu veg

It was not the most exotic or themed meal I’ve had (some vegan cornbread or beans ‘n’ greens would have been awesome, but alas, none of that stuff was vegan), but it was super tasty, healthy, and expertly cooked. The veggies were crisp yet tender from the grill and the tofu was crispy on the outside and nicely seasoned.

If you end up at Trail’s End for lunch, or on a dinner night when Chef TJ isn’t there, I’d recommend asking for tofu and veggies, as those are things they definitely should have on hand.


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