Liberty Tree Tavern – Lunch

The new vegan option at Liberty Tree Tavern is excellent. The “Vegetarian Proclamation” is a vegetable sandwich on soft herb bread. The menu says it is topped with a “tangy vegan mayonnaise,” but I’d more accurately call it a vegan herb spread. It was a bit thinner and not as tangy as mayonnaise. But it was great to have a nice vegan spread for the sandwich!

liberty tree lunch

The “vegetables” on the sandwich when we were there were mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, tomato, a spinach puree, and fresh mixed greens. Our server said that the sandwich filling has been changed a few times since it came out a few months ago (it used to have eggplant too, for example), so I’m not sure if this is the last iteration or not.

I enjoyed the flavors of the previous sandwich (that I referred to as the “samosa burger”); however, they apparently had some inconsistency problems and many people reportedly received mushy, unappealing burgers, so it makes sense they wanted to change their vegan option. I’m very happy that they kept this new sandwich vegan as-is like the old one was.

A vegetable sandwich isn’t the most original concept when it comes to vegan options. However, this one was so well-executed that I am very satisfied with the new offering. It was filling (and not too heavy like the previous sandwich was) and relatively healthy. Another plus is that it’s not pre-made, so I was able to order mine without the red peppers. It’s nice to be able to customize a little because every vegan has veggies they like and dislike. Everything about it was delicious–from the bread, to it having a vegan spread, to the crisp-tender veggies. I hope they keep this one around for a while!

fof parade

Here’s a little non-food tip: We made our reservation at Liberty Tree for 1:30 pm, checked in early, and got done by 2:15. We then found some spots just outside and to the left of the restaurant up against the rope for the 3:00 pm Festival of Fantasy parade. It was really nice to hop out of the restaurant and be in one of my favorite parade viewing spots. I like this spot for several reasons. First, on the Liberty Tree side of the road, the sun isn’t in your eyes while you wait. Second, it’s near the beginning of the parade, so the performers are at their peak. Third, you don’t have to wait as long for the parade to get to you as you do on Main Street. So you can head right over to other attractions once the parade passes and beat most of the post-parade crowds there!


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