Trail’s End (Breakfast)

During breakfast hours, Trail’s End is a buffet. Breakfast buffets generally do not have many vegan option, but several of the Disney buffets make the legendary allergy-friendly, GF, vegan Mickey waffles and usually a couple other things as well. At Trail’s End, we got Mickey waffles, hashbrowns (modified without butter), and tofu scramble. I also asked for some Tofutti ice cream for dessert, since we couldn’t have any of the pastries.

I’ve had a lot of Mickey waffles in my days of Disney dining. These ranked about in the middle. Not the best, not the worst. These had a more pronounced corn flavor than others I’ve had (corn is the only known allergen in the flour mix for the waffles).
????????Mickey Waffles

I’ve never met a hashbrown I don’t like, and these didn’t disappoint. The sauteed onions were a nice touch.
????????Hashbrowns with Onions

My favorite part of this scramble was the mushrooms–I wished there were more! There was a bit of water pooled in the plate (not sure if from the tofu or squash, or both) but we just scooped around it and it was fine.
????????Tofu Scramble (with squash and zucchini and mushrooms)

This was a satisfactory breakfast, and the location is fantastically convenient to the Magic Kingdom. However, for about the same money (only a couple dollars more), I do prefer the food at Boma for breakfast. The waffles and scramble there were better. Plus, Boma has pastry products (Babycakes and Enjoy Life cookies last time I was there) for dessert.



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