Citricos 2015

Citricos is one of my favorite restaurants at WDW. They never disappoint. Here are some photos from our visit in January 2015.

The soups change seasonally, but almost every time I’ve been there, they’ve been able to veganize a soup for me. This time, it was a most delightful Smoked Wild Mushroom Bisque.


As usual, two of the table breads were vegan; sourdough and olive bread.


I got my usual, favorite entree, the Seared Tofu with roasted mushrooms, lentils, and sun-dried tomato puree. Exceptional!


We had three people in the party, so we asked to get a 3rd entree that wasn’t the tofu dish. (However, the tofu dish really is exceptional, so I highly recommend it, especially on your first visit. We just like to experiment since we’ve been there so many times. But I’ll tell you, I only order the tofu now, because I miss it if I don’t get it! It’s that good.)

The chef suggested that we could get the Cannellini Cassoulet that comes with a meat entree, as it is actually vegan by itself.


I adore their mashed potatoes, so we got a side of those (they have 2 types of mashed potatoes; one type is actually vegan!)


And we got a side of Brussels sprouts. Hooray, veggies!


For dessert, we had apple sorbet with fresh berries. I think the apple sorbet is the best flavor sorbet they have on property!



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