Flower and Garden and Akershus 2015

I love the Flower and Garden Festival. Not only is Epcot extra pretty with all the floral displays and topiaries, but all the gardening talks and information are so inspiring.

We started the day off at the Festival Center for the Greenhouse Stage presentation. Tom MacCubbin was an engaging speaker with an interactive program. I got chosen to go up on stage to pot some plants, and “won” a pack of greeting cards hand-painted by his wife. It was super fun to be chosen and participate in the show!

Here I am hard at work planting flowers:

After the show, we headed to Noway for our reservations at Akershus.

The princesses were all very fun (especially Ariel!). I brought a crochet Flounder, and Ariel made some great comments about how Eric has lots of statues dedicated to him, but Flounder didn’t have any, so he’d be happy he has one now. She asked if Jacob was a sailor, and I said “kind of, since we live on a lake” (although our boats are kayaks!).

However, we did not enjoy the food at Akershus. My food review can be found here.

After dinner,we rode some rides, and I took little Flounder on The Seas with Nemo. He got to meet some real Nemos, too!


We ended the night watching Illuminations from next to the Bonsai Terrace in Japan. It’s not the best spot (you’re not right on the water), but it is much less crowded than the spots right on the water.


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