Akershus 2015

Akershus is a Princess dining experience at EPCOT. The Princesses can change, but when we were there, it was Belle greeting guests at the entrance (with a PhotoPass photographer) and Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, and Ariel visiting tables. Having so many Princesses was very fun, but our food was disappointing. I have read reports of other vegans getting good meals, so be sure to take pictures of their food as examples of what you’d like so you don’t end up with what we got.

The restaurant is wonderfully themed inside with rich wood beam ceilings and folk-inspired art and design touches. We got a fantastic window table with a view out to the waterfall in the courtyard.

???????? ????????

The princesses were all very fun (especially Ariel!). I brought a crochet Flounder, and Ariel made some great comments about how Eric has lots of statues dedicated to him, but Flounder didn’t have any, so he’d be happy he has one now. She asked if Jacob was a sailor, and I said “kind of, since we live on a lake (although our boats are kayaks!).”

Our server was as much of a character as the princesses, and the chef was able to readily point out what we could have from the salad bar and took our entree orders.

There were many things we could have on the buffet. As the chef said, there weren’t many hidden animal products (she even mentioned that there’s no honey in the salad dressings, which I thought was great). Even the breads were egg/dairy-free! Only the beet salad (that contained dairy) and one other salad were off limits (in addition to the obvious meats and cheeses).

I particularly enjoyed the quinoa salad with walnuts and berries. Other highlights were the potato salad, pear and apple salad, and asparagus.

SONY DSC ???????? ????????

Unfortunately, our entrees looked great when they came out, but did not taste so great. We had a big plate of potatoes for the table, but they had much too strong of a wasabi and bitter/sour flavor from the mustard sauce for my liking. Our party member who’ll eat just about anything could hardly eat it. When we were offered “vegetables and quinoa” for our entrees, I excitedly agreed, because I was picturing the sauteed broccoli and other veggies that I’d seen other people get. However the only vegetable we got was, I believe, jicama. It, again, was very bitter/sour and not to my liking. It was a very generous portion of quinoa, but I would have preferred more vegetables (which I think would have been cheaper for them too!). I didn’t complain since the effort and thought was there, we just didn’t care for it. Jacob managed to eat all of his to be polite; I, however, couldn’t eat more than a few bites.

???????? Potatoes with lots of mustard seeds????????“Vegetables” and quinoa

If anyone is planning on going here for lunch/dinner, I suggest bringing pictures of meals that other folks have gotten with more vegetables and hopefully that will be better than what we had. However, I really can’t recommend the restaurant, because for the price we paid, we could have eaten like kings at Citricos or Jiko, or Trail’s End with Chef TJ for half the cost. For my money, I’d rather stand in line to meet princesses, and spend the money on a better meal elsewhere.


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