Ordering a Vegan Cake

Most Disney enthusiasts know that you can have a cake delivered to your table at a table service restaurant or to your Disney hotel room.

For non-vegans, they have the 6-inch “celebration” cake that does not need to be ordered in advance, and more elaborate cakes can be special ordered.

If you want a vegan cake delivered, you must order through Disney’s Cake Hotline (407-927-2253) with at least 72 hours’ notice.

An alternative to a Disney cake is a cake from vegan bakery Erin McKenna’s NYC at Disney Springs. Their cake specialist can be reached at 407-938-9044, Monday through Friday, 9 AM-5 PM. Like the Cake Hotline, they also require at least 72 hours’ notice. Erin McKenna’s has a higher starting price and a delivery fee (there’s no added delivery fee for the Disney cakes). They also will not decorate the cakes at all. However, if you prefer the taste of Erin McKenna’s baked goods and are going more for taste than presentation, then that is certainly an option to consider.

When you contact the Disney Cake Hotline, you need a confirmation number for a reservation at a table service restaurant to attach to your cake order. Disney will do all the work of delivering your cake to the restaurant and bringing it out when you request.

Disney’s Cake Hotline will certainly make you feel like you’re creating something for a special occasion. You’ll get in contact with a cake specialist who will work with you on flavors and appearance.

jenn tara bear cake

Vegan cake with screen printing

jenn cake side

Inside of vegan cake; chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

Disney’s vegan cake is an allergen-friendly cake, which means that it’s free of most common allergens, including gluten.

As recently as July 2015, their standard vegan offering is the gluten-free mix. It may be possible with enough advance notice, and insistence, to get a gluten-full vegan cake, but it is certainly not readily available.

The basic 6-inch undecorated vegan cake is $29. If you want simple writing like “Happy Birthday,” that will add a few dollars. If you want something more elaborate, screen printing starts at $15 (and the smallest size they’ll generally screen print is an 8-inch cake).

The screen printing is totally worth it, in my opinion. It is great quality and personalizes the cake like nothing else. You can choose from a variety of Disney characters to have printed on your cake. Mention your ideas to your cake specialist and they’ll give you plenty of options.

I will be honest and say that Disney’s cake is not the best cake I’ve ever had. I’m also hard to please when it comes to cake (and other desserts), so take that with a grain of salt. Since it’s gluten-free, it is much more dense (like a brownie) versus being a fluffy cake. There was also a mild undertaste from the GF-mix. Plus, there was way more frosting than I prefer in a cake (as seen in the picture above), and the frosting was quite dense, grainy, and very sweet.

All that said, though, having a customized cake delivered to your table with all the fanfare that comes with it (planning the cake with your specialist, secretly signaling to you server to bring it out, and, of course, surprising the recipient) is a fun and worthwhile experience.


2 thoughts on “Ordering a Vegan Cake

  1. Why is it so hard to make a cake sans the eggs and oil and just replace with applesauce?’ It’s so much cheaper (and healthier!) GF is ruining everything for vegans at Disney! It’s disgusting 😖 I am sorry for those with true ciliac disease and I’m happy they have the GF option but the rest of us suffer.


    • I think it’s easier for them to just have one cake that’s free of everything, instead of making two (or more) to accommodate multiple special diets. But, I’m with you in that I would much prefer a vegan cake that contains gluten/wheat flour. In time, I hope that there will be enough of us to warrant a second cake (and more vegan options in general). 🙂


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