Satu’li Canteen (April 2017) Hearty Salad Base

I went to Satu’li Canteen tonight for my first time since the base changes. When I started to order the “hearty salad” base with no feta, the cashier asked if I was vegan and said they had to bring out a coordinator for that modification (the “no boba” on the first order with the grain and rice base went through fine, but I guess anything more than that requires a coordinator).

The coordinator came out with the iPad that shows feta and honey as ingredients. They said that the honey is in a sauce that they toss the veggies and quinoa in, but they’d make up one with all the veggies and quinoa but no honey (and no feta) and it’d just take a few extra minutes. As always, I got theĀ charred onion sauce as it is the only vegan one.


The salad was very nice! I really enjoyed the cauliflower, tomatoes, and the beets and other veggies that are mixed with the quinoa. It’s a little surprising at first because all the veggies are cold, but they are cooked with grill marks and look like they’d be warm. They are very tasty though! It’s a nice option as an alternative to the grain and rice base I usually get.

It’s too bad we can’t order the hearty salad with the mobile ordering system (because there’s no option for “no feta” and “no honey” on it), but at least I can still order the grain + rice with no boba through the app (my other go-to order). It wasn’t super busy tonight, so the wait wasn’t too bad, but waiting to order plus waiting for the modification will add some time to your dining if it’s busy. If you’re in a hurry, go with the potato base or either of the rice options and use the app to skip the line.

It seems like they’ve really gotten the tofu figured out. The past several times I’ve been it’s been fantastic (not too hard like it was occasionally in the beginning). One of my favorite quick service meals in all of the parks!


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